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Executive Leadership Team:

Bruce and Sandy Schronce

Bruce Schronce

Founder and President

Bruce Schronce is the founder and president of StrongLead.  Bruce has worked with and developed leaders in North America, South America and Europe for over 25 years as a business executive, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, training facilitator, spiritual leader and leadership coach.  He specializes in challenging leaders to a comprehensive approach of personal lifelong leadership development, organizational perspectives, committed engagement, team building and action planning that lead to definitive and deliberate steps of positive growth and significant impact.  Bruce is married to his childhood sweetheart, Sandy and they have two sons, Ethan and Hunter.

Chuck Myers

Executive Partner

Chuck is a Life Coach Consultant and has spent much of the last 20 years coaching and mentoring emerging leaders in both the business and non-profit world. As a business owner and consultant, he has aided many in their endeavors to develop businesses, staff and key leaders to success in their perspective worlds. With a strong understanding of people and process he has invested in small business and corporate leadership alike, as they navigate challenging transitions and growth.

Chad Hall

Executive Partner

Chad is a Master Certified Coach who helps leaders, teams and organizations improve performance and well-being.  He worked for years as a coach with one of the world’s leading business intelligence companies and has coached top-level leaders around the world in technology, healthcare, marketing, finance and non-profit sectors.  His areas of expertise include coaching, training, and performance development and he’s a qualified practitioner with assessments such as MBTI, LPI 360, and Core Values Index.  Chad has written several journal articles and books related to leadership, including the bestselling eBook, The Coaching Mindset.  He lives in Hickory with his wife and three growing children.

Coaches and Trainers:

Sandy Schronce

Executive Assistant, Lifeworks Coach & Mentor

Sandy has worked side-by-side with Bruce in multiple facets of leadership and leadership development.  Areas of experience include logistics, team development, organizational management, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring with women. Sandy’s education includes marketing and industrial psychology and training as a life coach.  Sandy is especially passionate about developing healthy families and mentoring women in personal growth, marriage enrichment, parenting and work-life balance.

Tony Dale

Leadership Consultant, Trainer and Resource Specialist

Tony has served several years in the Human Resource field as the Global Talent Manager, Leadership Trainer and Resource Specialist with one of the world's largest fiber optics producers. Tony specializes in organizational planning, resource management, curriculum development, collaborative team building and mentorship. Tony is passionate about developing community leadership initiatives and brings a wealth of experience, energy and overall leadership focus to the StrongLead team.

Scott Broome

Operational Logistics & Wellness Consultant

Scott is President of Discover Wellness, LLC, a worksite wellness company, with an educational background that includes a BS in Business Administration and a Master's in Counseling. He has earned great respect as a business owner, trusted advisor and community champion with various board and leadership appointments through organizations such as Catawba County Health Partners, a core team member through Healthy People Healthy Carolinas, Past President and current member of the Western Catawba County Kiwanis Club coordinating the Terrific Kids and Bringing Up Grades program, and Special Olympics coach. Scott provides powerful visions for community collaboration, community well-being initiatives, holistic leadership development and out-of-the-box guidance for operational and logistical insight.

Dana Plummer, RD, LDN

Leadership and Wellness Coach

Dana is an energetic young leader in the corporate wellness industry and serves as Acting Director of Discover Wellness, LLC.  She is a Registered Dietitian, passionate about not only impacting lives through individualized nutrition counseling, but also through developmental leadership coaching with individuals and groups, in private, organizational and community settings.  Dana is an experienced educational speaker and counselor and enhances the StrongLead team through powerful skills in one-on-one coaching, IT development, logistics planning, problem solving and creative relational leadership processes.

Amanda Davis

Leadership and Wellness Coach

Amanda is a leader in the health and wellness field, serving as a Wellness Coach with Discover Wellness, LLC. She is a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist that thrives on building relationships with others to help them not only reach their personal health and wellness goals, but to support their professional growth and development as well. Amanda is an experienced educational speaker, instructor, and counselor that brings a high level of expertise in organizational development, social marketing, fitness, nutrition, overall wellness, and behavior change to the StrongLead team.

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